Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.


Our affiliates are a diverse group of local and state non-profits, community coalitions & parent groups, who are committed to substance abuse prevention in their respective communities.

These organizations range from small parent groups that consist of a few concerned parents and citizens in small towns and in rural areas across our nation, to large local, state and national organizations that can reach large metropolitan areas.

This grassroots network is as diverse as our nation, representing and serving every culture, race, religion, socio-economic and lifestyle background in our country. These committed groups are the heartbeat of our partnership and are the true reason that our message is delivered effectively. It’s all about reaching people where they are, in their community in a way they can understand but most importantly so they will take action!

We encourage you to get involved and support our affiliates in your respective communities or to join us in our effort to reach families with our substance abuse prevention message.

Why you?

You know the issue. You have the desire and passion to do something about it. You have an organization to back you up. And now you have high-quality campaign materials to make your own.  Download campaign materials here.

As an affiliate of the National Family Partnership, we invite you to participate in this national movement to make people aware of the problem so they can prevent others from abusing prescription drugs. Perhaps you have lacked the resources to create a campaign or you need assistance in conducting market research and developing high-impact graphic materials or TV commercials. This has now been done for you. At the same time, you want the campaign to be be local. It’s easy to put your logo, your slogan, or your contact information on all the materials. You can “own” it as a National Family Partnership affiliate.

Finally, we need you! While the NFP can produce materials, we need you to distribute them. Through our affiliate network and the support of the media that you will generate, we have the ability to truly make this a national campaign.

Current Red Ribbon Affiliates






  • Ottawa County Health Planning Commission



    New Hampshire

    New Mexico

    North Dakota




  • Comfort Care Unlimited

    West Virginia


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