Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.

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2013 National Red Ribbon Week Theme

Posted on 02/12/2013 @ 12:00 PM

Introducing...The 2013 Red Ribbon Theme: A Healthy Me Is Drug Free®

Congratulations to Aly Falck, a 7th grader in Solon, Ohio, for creating the 2013 Red Ribbon Theme.

Aly's digital arts teacher, Cheryl Holsapfel, learned about the National Family Partnership’s 2013 Red Ribbon Theme Contest from her school principal, Genie Green, at Solon Middle School and thought it would be a great opportunity for a “teachable moment” to talk to her students about drugs. Cheryl turned the contest into an assignment for all of her students. She saw it as an opportunity to teach real world skills, while infusing the drug prevention message.

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"What I liked best about Aly's theme is the fact that it is promoting good overall health," says David Falck, Aly's father. "You can't do drugs and in any way consider yourself healthy. We try to instill in our children the understanding that alcohol and drugs are absolutely off limits."

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Aly Falck won $500 in Red Ribbon theme merchandise for her school, Solon Middle School, for Red Ribbon Week, October 23-31st. It's all courtesy of National Family Partnership, sponsors of the Red Ribbon Campaign® and Nimco, Inc., the official source of Red Ribbon materials.

The Red Ribbon Theme Contest is held each Fall. The winning slogan and design are used throughout the following year at thousands of schools and communities across America. In its 28th year as the nation's largest and oldest drug prevention campaign, Red Ribbon Week® reaches 80 million people each year throughout the United States.

Photographed: Solon Middle School Principal Genie Green with Red Ribbon Theme Contest Winner Aly Falck

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NFP Honors Achievement In Drug Prevention At National Red Ribbon Awards Dinner

By Amy Goldstein on 02/10/2013 @ 12:33 PM

The National Family Partnership®(NFP) recently hosted their 2nd annual National Red Ribbon Awards Dinner, co-sponsored by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). NFP celebrated the success of the 2012 Red Ribbon Campaign® (October 23-31st) and honored individuals and groups who made a difference in creating a drug free America. The event took place on Feb. 6, 2013 at The Army/Navy Club.

During the awards ceremony, NFP recognized the 10 winners of the 2012 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest and presented Jeb and Columba Bush with the Enrique “Kiki” Camarena National Red Ribbon Leadership Award. Both the South Dakota National Guard and the Adolescent Substance Abuse Prevention, Inc. received the “National Power of Partners Award” for their collaborative efforts in promoting drug awareness.

“The Red Ribbon Campaign® is a fun, powerful and effective way to deliver focused, branded, healthy, anti-drug messages to the public,” says NFP President Peggy Sapp, who also serves as President & CEO of Informed Families/The Florida Family Partnership. “The winners of the National Red Ribbon Awards honor DEA Agent Kiki Camarena’s legacy by helping to create a drug free America through the promotion, support and growth of the National Red Ribbon Campaign."

NFP also announced the theme for the 2013 National Red Ribbon Campaign®: “A Healthy Me Is Drug Free™,” created by Aly Falck, a middle school student from Solon, Ohio.

Featured speakers included Peggy Sapp, president of the NFP; R. Gil Kerlikowske, director of National Drug Control Policy (ONDCP); Michelle Leonhart, administrator of the DEA; and Charles Curie, former administrator of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA).

Other notables in attendance included David Mineta, deputy director of Demand Reduction, ONDCP; Dr. Westley Clark, director, Center for Substance Abuse Treatment;Dr. Nora Volkow, director, National Institute of Drug Abuse; Jan Withers, president, Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) and Ann McGeehan, executive director, National Association for Children of Alcoholics (NACOA).

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Two Weeks Left To Create The 2013 Red Ribbon Theme

Posted on 11/26/2012 @ 12:00 PM

Will your bright idea be celebrated across the country during the 2013 Red Ribbon Week?

There's two weeks left to send us your ideas for the 2013 Red Ribbon Theme Contest today.

  • Entries must be received by (DEADLINE EXTENDED) December 10th, 2012 at 11:59PM (EST), via email to or via mail to National Family Partnership, 2490 Coral Way, Miami, FL 33145. Please include your name, school, telephone number and email address. Winners will be announced on February 15, 2013.
  • All entries become property of the National Family Partnership. Note: NFP reserves the right to select the theme or design from one submission and match it with another submitted theme or design. In that case, there will be two contest winners. Helpful Hints•Red Ribbon Week is celebrated in schools across America, where banners and signs are hung from marquees and fences. Whatever the theme or design you create should fit well within that context.
  • Themes should be brief and as catchy as possible. This year's theme is "The Best Me Is Drug Free." Previous themes include "It's Up To Me To Be Drug Free," “I Am Drug Free: Choices = Consequences,” “100% Me Drug Free,” “Look At Me I’m Drug Free” and “Drug Free Is The Key."
  • While the red ribbon should be prominently featured in the design, don’t be afraid to use other colors, as well
  • Entries should include a Red Ribbon in the design. The actual ribbon should be a double looped ribbon, as opposed to a single loop. (please refer to Red Ribbon Campaign logo here)

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Enter The 2012 Red Ribbon Contest

By Amy Goldstein on 10/03/2012 @ 11:04 AM

Families: Enter To Win $1,000 For Your School & An IPad For The Home

The National Family Partnership® (NFP) announces the national contest for its 27th annual Red Ribbon Week®, Oct. 23-31. Here’s how to enter to win $1,000 for your K-12 school and an iPad for the home:

  1. Students bring the Red Ribbon Week® message home by working alongside parents to decorate their front door, mailbox, fence, etc. with this year’s theme “The Best Me Is Drug Free™.”
  2. Take a photo with the family and your Red Ribbon Week® decoration, then upload to or by Nov. 2 (must be 18+ to upload your photos).
  3. The voting begins! Ask your family and friends to vote for your entry at Nov. 2-16. Ten lucky winners from regions across the U.S. will win. Winners will be announced at events at their winning schools in December.

“Students will once again take Red Ribbon Week’s® message of prevention home to their neighborhoods with this national contest,” said the NFP’s Volunteer President Peggy Sapp. “By decorating their homes together with this year’s Red Ribbon theme, families carry the message to their communities.” The nation’s oldest and largest drug prevention campaign reaches more than 80 million people nationwide.

The DEA is co-sponsoring this year’s national contest. "DEA is excited to partner with the National Family Partnership® on this contest that empowers communities to come together to talk about the drug problem,” said DEA Administrator Michele M. Leonhart. “Red Ribbon Week® is also when we honor DEA Special Agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena, who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our communities safe.”

Adds the NFP’s Peggy Sapp: “Take the Red Ribbon Week® pledge across America to help children grow up safe, healthy and drug free.” Visit for contest information.

Check Out This Video About The Contest

About the NFP and Red Ribbon Week® The NFP was established in 1980, and is a national leader in drug prevention, education and advocacy. Its mission is to lead our nation’s families and communities in nurturing the full potential of healthy, drug-free youth. Red Ribbon Week® is the nation’s largest and oldest drug prevention campaign, reaching 80 million people. NFP created the campaign in response to the 1985 abduction and murder of DEA agent Enrique ‘Kiki’ Camarena.

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2018 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest Winners

Posted on 09/30/2012 @ 01:00 PM

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest. We received hundreds of entries and tens of thousands of votes in support of your entries. The contest is an opportunity to involve families and schools in spreading the Red Ribbon Week message widely in neighborhoods, communities and on social media. We are delighted to celebrate the following families, schools and communities working together to promote healthy, drug free kids.

Congratulations to the 20 winners from across the country.

Entries With The Most Votes Per Region

School Entries

Region 1 Winner Kelly Fox Braintree High School Braintree, MA

“I really liked the way it brought students and faculty together. I am so proud of the way my students advocated for their group and spread the message to all of their families, friends and teachers to vote. Asking for the votes meant students had to talk about the meaning behind the project and allowed for many conversations around drug prevention.”
Kelly Fox, Educator

“I am thrilled for the school, and exceptionally proud of the students in the [SADD] chapter who consistently work hard to make our school a better place” -"
Christopher Scully, Headmaster

Region 2 Winner Paola Stauffer Orlando Science School Orlando, FL

"The best part of the contest was bringing the community together and the challenge of gathering so many people for one goal. We had almost 1400 people in the picture including parents, staff and student K-12. The challenge of writing in the field and putting the message together was interesting, but working as a team made it happened."
Paola Stauffer, Dean of students and Character Education Coordinator

Region 3 Winner Bev Davidson Dora R-3 School Dora, MO

"The thing I like most about the contest is that the whole school rallies to support our efforts. They work together and ask every day how we are doing. It is a goal that our students, parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators strive to achieve. It also keeps an awareness of our drug prevention efforts going throughout the school."
Bev Davison, Educator

"We have had some students through the years who have strayed in the wrong path and have suffered the consequences of drug abuse. If we can educate students so that they make better choices, we will help them become successful."
Rick Luna, High School Principal

Region 4 Winner Erica Guevara Brownsville Early College High School Brownsville, TX

"My favorite part of being in this contest was the camaraderie that came out of the preparations. The students spent everyday at lunch in my classroom for about a month. They went through several ideas and attempted to execute each of them before deciding on their final design. I enjoyed watching them work together for a final goal."
Erica K Guevara, English II Teacher

Region 5 Winner Deborah Chatham Naples Elementary School Vernal, UT

"We are so excited! This is our third year to win our region and it would not happen without the support of our amazing parent activity team and the support of our community."
Deborah Chatham, Principal

Home Entries

Region 1 Winner Schultz Family Cambridge Springs Jr./Sr. High School Cambridge Springs, PA

" The contest is another way of leading into a conversation with my children. I've always talked to them about drugs and alcohol and it has helped them to ask questions and open up with me."
Vicki Schultz, Mother

Region 2 Winner Moore Family Louisiana Virtual Charter Academy Baton Rouge, LA

" Carl is very happy and thankful for winning the contest. He didn't expect to win, and it is a great blessing that he is very thankful for."
Micah Moore

"Drugs are running rampant in our state and prohibit the growth of education. We are thrilled at the opportunity to promote a drug-free environment and continue to teach a healthy lifestyle for our students from an early age."
Jara Bode, Principal

Region 3 Winner Martin Family Dora R-3 School Dora, MO

"As an educator, I see the impact that drugs can have on our students' lives. By making drug prevention education part of our curriculum and daily conversations, we can make a difference in the lives of our community members"
Elizabeth Martin, Educator

Region 4 Winner Pringle Family South Rock Creek School Shawnee, OK

“The contest helped us talk to our children about drugs because they asked "why are we doing this?" which opened up the discussion on their terms. Drug prevention is so important because awareness is the biggest key in any educational endeavor."
Pringle Family

Region 5 Winner Beas Family Jimenez Elementary School Guadalupe, CA

“Working with school age children and having children myself motivates me to find ways to share the drug free message. Decorating my house with a drug free message, and having my family support me in my decision was a great experience.”
Elizabeth Beas Mandujano, Parent

Judges Awards

School Entries

Most Creative Melek Atalay Florence L. Walther Elementary School Lumberton, NJ

“I personally like decorating very much and support the idea of their impact on education. I believe a drug-free message through a contest is a great way to spread the word for drug prevention. Although being drug-free is not in the vocabulary of our little ones, this decoration took their attention and gave me a chance to inform them about how our choices affect our future. I felt accomplished about decorating our school.”
Melek Atalay, School Counselor

“I am very excited about winning the contest! This is such an honor and we are proud to receive this recognition. I would like to thank my guidance counselor, Melek Atalay, for her hard work and vision for this contest. She was the driving force behind our success!”
Mrs. Coletta L. Graham, Principal

Best Use of Theme Ariel Brown Hueytown Elementary School Hueytown, AL

"Our students are presented with many situations in which a choice can influence their entire lives. Being educated and understanding the risks and consequences of drug and alcohol abuse can lead to better choices."
Ariel Brown

"Drug prevention is the future. Without having drug prevention conversations, we are not promised a bright future. We have to educate as many as we can regarding the use of drugs."
Dr. Cortney C. Slaughter, Principal

Most Parent Involvement Charity Saddler Alta Brown Elementary School Garden City, KS

"Drugs and alcohol negatively affect our brains and our bodies and our ability to learn and grow. Since children are our future, it is important to begin prevention early."
Julie Koerperich, Principal

Best Use of School/Community Deborah Chatham Naples Elementary Vernal, UT

"Sadly, at this young age, too many children see the effects of drugs on people they know. If we can help them avoid getting involved in drugs, then we've accomplished our goal, and many times that means we've saved lives."
Deborah Chatham, Principal

Most Educational Vang Yang Meyler Street Elementary Torrance, CA

"It helped provide my students with visuals while learning about staying away from drugs and the outcomes of this decision. My students all have learning disabilities, so this was a fun way to discuss this with them."
Vang Yang

"I think that it's extremely important for us to impress upon our students the importance of making the correct choices in life (being drug free) and the consequences of making incorrect choices. Because using drugs can alter your life choices and can lead to prematurely ending your life. Also, it's important for us to equip our students with the knowledge of being drug free and that knowledge will assist them with making good choices and combating peer pressure."
Elizabeth Pratt, Principal

Home Entries

Best Use of Theme Greene Family International Studies Elementary Charter School Albany, GA

"It's a good thing to have Red Ribbon Week and contests as a reminder of why it is important to stay drug free and how important it is to talk about it often. The contest help me to be able to show and explain to my children the importance of staying drug free and how drugs could affect their lives."
Greene Family

" What I like most about Red Ribbon Week is the fun the students and the adults have decorating as well as the fun activities we do to support the message of living drug free."
Dr. Lynn James, Principal

Most Creative Clark Family Sigourney Elementary School Sigourney, IA

"The iPad is just a bonus. Our reasoning for doing these contests is education, family time and helping out our school community."
Megan Clark

"Our child are our future. Teaching them at such a young age about the importance of being drug free will better prepare them for when they are faced with the decision to abstain from or give in to peer pressure."
Deanna Hutchings, Pk-6 Principal

Best Use of Family/Community Fergus Family St. Eugene School Chicago, IL

"We are so excited to be one of the winners of the Red Ribbon contest again! The contest is a great way for our school and community to raise awareness about drug prevention and living a healthy drug free life."
Fergus Family

"Drug use and abuse in our country is at an epidemic state. Our youth are being exposed to drugs at an earlier rate. As a society we hear on the news [about] the opioid crisis. Parents and schools must continue to work together to teach and share the message of making good choices and living a healthy life."
Catherine Scotkovsky, Principal

Most Ambitious Rohda Family East Butler School Brainard, NE

"Since Red Ribbon Week is about being drug free, it was a great opportunity to reinforce those ideas with my son. Letting him participate in the project helped make him feel like he could influence others to make positive choices."
Nathan Rohda, Father

Most Educational Faulkner Family Rancho Buena Vista High School Vista, CA

"My mom saw a couple of people who were walking with their dog come up to the sign and read it. One of the neighbors had signed it too. Sometimes people would slow down when they are driving past our house and look at the poster. It’s kind of hard to miss because of the giant red bow. As far as I know, no one has ever put anything like that on their front gate in our neighborhood."
Cierra Faulkner, Student

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