Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Can Enter The Contest?

1. There will be 10 family winners who decorate their home front door, mailbox or fence with a Red Ribbon (double-looped, like a ribbon) and this year's theme: Love Yourself. Be Drug Free. Parents must enter on behalf of the family as you must be at least 18 years old to enter. 2. This year, we will also award one prize for a photo submission featuring school decorations, which include a Red Ribbon (double-looped, like a bow) and this year's theme: Love Yourself Be Drug Free. A teacher, counselor, parent volunteer over the age of 18 may submit a photo and enter the contest.

What Can I Win If I Enter The Contest?

Eleven winners will receive an iPad - and $1,000 for their local (K-12) school to be used for drug prevention efforts.

How Do I Enter?

Starting October 1st, families can enter the contest by uploading a photo to of their home front door, fence or mailbox decorated with a Red Ribbon (double looped, like a bow) and this year’s National Red Ribbon Week Theme: Love Yourself. Be Drug Free. 

What Do We Need To Include In Our Photo Entry?

A Red Ribbon (a double-looped ribbon like a red bow you’d see on a gift) and this year’s theme “Love Yourself. Be Drug Free. For the family prize, photos must be of a decorated home front door, fence or mailbox. For the school prize, the decoration can be anywhere visible at the school. Photoshopped images will be disqualified.

Can I Take A Photo Of A Decorated School And Enter It?

Yes. This year, we are giving out one prize for a decorated school.

How Are Winners Selected?

For the Family prize, winners are those entries in each region that receive the most votes during the designated voting period (November 5-19, 2014). For the school prize, one winner with the most votes in the school category will be selected.

When Are The Winners Announced?

The winners will be announced on or around December 5, 2014.

What Type Of Photo Formats Are Accepted?

Jpeg, Gif and Png formats are accepted.

What Is The Purpose Of The National Red Ribbon Photo Contest?

The National Red Ribbon Photo Contest is intended to involve families, neighborhoods, schools and communities in the Red Ribbon Week celebration. Kids bring the Red Ribbon message home. Families work together to decorate their front door, fence or mailbox with the Red Ribbon theme, spreading the drug free message in neighborhoods and communities. Schools support the families’ entries because they support the Red Ribbon message and hope to win $1,000 to use towards future drug prevention efforts. By working together, we can create a tipping point for change in our communities.

Where Can I Find The Contest Terms & Conditions?

Click here for the 2014 National Red Ribbon Contest Terms & Conditions.

What's new this year?

This year, we have introduced an additional prize for school decorations featuring this year's theme: Love Yourself. Be Drug Free and a Red Ribbon (double-looped, like a bow). Over the last three years, we have received feedback from schools wanting to participate in the contest directly by featuring their own decorations. So this is our opportunity to recognize and thank the wonderful schools who support Red Ribbon Week every year.


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