Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.

2013 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest Winners

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2013 National Red Ribbon Photo Contest. We received over 85,000 votes in support of your entries. The purpose of the contest was to involve families in Red Ribbon Week and based on the stories we've heard about communities working together to support families and schools while promoting healthy, drug free kids, we know it was a huge success.

We are delighted to announce the ten winners from around the country who received the most votes in each region. Congratulations to our winners.

Region 1 Rivera Family Veterans Park Elementary School Ludlow, MA

"The Red Ribbon Photo Contest was an opportunity for me to introduce the topic of drugs to my son. I don’t think I would have started talking about it yet. Once we started talking, I realized it was a good age to begin. It really helped open the doors."
Jose Rivera, Father

“Drug prevention is so important because kids need to understand that addiction can happen to anyone. Elementary school is the perfect time to start the conversation so children start hearing about it when they are young and continue when they are older. Everyone needs to be invested in the prevention process. Red Ribbon Week gives us an opportunity to present a united front and draw our attention to this important topic.”
Melissa Knowles, Principal

Region 2 Matthews Family Edith M. Griebling Elementary School Freehold, NJ

“During Halloween, we still had our decoration up on our door and we had so many children asking what it was all about. They spent a lot of time at my door because I talked to them about it. It was important to me because drug abuse is an epidemic here. Whether we won or not, we wanted to participate in the contest just to get the message across. It was well worth it.”
Patti Matthews, Mother

“We always celebrate Red Ribbon Week and put a lot into it. I go on the Red Ribbon website all the time. I put the contest out to parents and this year, the Matthews family decided to participate and won! What I like most about the contest is that it involves the whole community. We make a bigger impact on kids when we work together as a community.”
Nancy Rupp, School Principal

Region 3 Hoffer Family Baggley Elementary School Latrobe, PA

“I received an email about the opportunity and thought it would be a great opportunity to instill the message about healthy choices with my daughter, Brianna. We worked together and decided what we wanted to do with the door. Brianna was excited to be able to share with the school and asking friends and family to vote for our entry. The contest did truly give us the opportunity to sit down and talk to our daughter about making good choices.”
Janet Hoffer, Mother

“Drug prevention is so important because there’s so much drug use around and we need to be proactive now to make sure our children know how to make good decisions. We want them to lead a healthy lifestyle so they can go far. Brianna is a wonderful role model for her peers.”
Kimberly Hrezo, Principal

Region 4 Rice Family Pioneer Middle School Cooper City, FL

“When Noah learned about the contest from his science teacher, Mrs. Habenicht, I thought it sounded like a good project. The directions for the contest were very easy to follow, which I appreciated as a busy, working mom. This is such an important issue and awareness starts at home. The contest was a great opportunity to reinforce the message of staying healthy by not using drugs. Best of all, the contest helped our son feel involved, like he could make a difference.”
Kimberly Rice, Mother

“Red Ribbon Week and the contest tie in beautifully with my life science curriculum. I teach children that our bodies are miracles and having a healthy body is a gift. It’s such a long road when kids take that wrong turn. I want to do what I can to make young people aware. Thank you for making this program available.”
Jeri Habenicht, Teacher

Region 5 Fergus Family St. Eugene School Chicago, IL

“We participated in the contest last year and we thought it brought our school together to promote drug prevention. What I liked most about being in the contest was getting the kids together for the picture. They all talked about it afterwards, telling people to vote. They were so excited. I think it’s a really great opportunity to talk to kids about this issue. Even the younger kids get the message, which is sometime surprising.”
Diane Fergus, Mother

“The parents at our school were really behind this effort by spreading the word and voting for us. We all share a big responsibility to help our children develop healthy lives and we have to start when they are young.”
Dr. Patricia Brown, Principal

Region 6 Biggs Family Okeene High School Okeene, OK

“The contest was so exciting because we had the whole community involved. Our town has a population of around 1,500. We spread the word at school, online and put flyers up around town. Everyone we ran into told us they’d voted for our entry and later asked if we had won. It was a lot of fun!”
Jenni Biggs, Mother

“As a mother of three and a grandmother of four, this is very important to me. I love Red Ribbon Week because it’s an opportunity for our whole community to get together and present a unified message. Every school is doing something for Red Ribbon and we are all working together. The contest was a fun way to continue to spread the message and I really enjoyed working with the Biggs family to promote it.”
Jane Nusz, Educator and School Red Ribbon Week Coordinator

Region 7 Clark Family Sigourney Elementary School Sigourney, IA

“I liked working with my boys on this project. I am an artist and this is our first family masterpiece. My sons were proud and their friends liked it too. We spread the word throughout our small community. I also used Facebook and said, ‘I am not going to apologize. I understand that this must be annoying, but I’m a proud mama so please vote.’”
Megan Clark, Mother

“We heard about the contest from our local police department and liked it so much that we decided to do our own local contest with the same rules. Drug prevention is important because we want the kids to be prepared to learn. When drugs are involved, they lose their focus. Our students are eventually going to become community members. We want it to filter down to their children as well. By instilling it in them now, they’ll instill it in the next generation.”
Deanna Hutchings, Principal

Region 8 Stone Family Kadoka Area School Kadoa, SD

“After winning last year, we decided to participate again because the kids didn’t give me a choice, frankly. They said, ‘we have to, mom!’ How can you pass up the opportunity for $1,000 for drug and alcohol education? My favorite part of the contest was getting the kids to work on something together. I have a high schooler, middle schooler and an elementary student so the activities don’t frequently match up.”
Kristie Stone, Mother

“An ounce of prevention is worth its weight in gold when it comes to drugs. To keep kids safe and sober is imperative for their success later in life. Red Ribbon Week and the photo contest provide us the opportunity to dedicate a time for everyone to focus on a central theme and make kids aware. We involve community members, law enforcement, parents and students. Red Ribbon gives us an open door to speak with them about issues.”
Jamie Hermann, Superintendent

Region 9 Strang Family Acacia Elementary School Fullerton, CA

“I learned about the contest when I did a web search about Red Ribbon Week to get ideas for decorating the school. We had 40 Girl Scouts decorating our school with this year’s theme, ‘A Healthy Me Is Drug Free,’ during Red Ribbon Week. I’m so excited for my daughter because she worked so hard to get the word out about her entry. This sends her the message that ‘if you want something and try hard enough, anything is possible.’”
Sariah Strang, Mother

“What I liked most about the contest is it is a very meaningful way to celebrate Red Ribbon Week. You can see the joy in Nicole’s face in her picture. The contest allows kids the opportunity to express themselves and be recognized for it.”
Karen Whisnant, Principal

Region 10 Caudle Family Eagle River Christian School Eagle River, AK

“I felt comfortable promoting the contest because I know it is really important not to do drugs. The best part about the contest for me was seeing how many people voted. Even people who I wouldn’t have expected to vote supported us by voting. It was exciting.”
Erin Caudle, Student

“We haven’t had any problem with drugs in our school, but I think prevention is the best medicine. We thought this was a good way for them to be exposed to the issue of drug abuse and to discuss it. All of our students someday will be faced with a difficult decision. We want to do what we can so when that day comes, they make the right choice.”
Denny Archer, Principal

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