Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.

"Violence In The News"

Learn Essential Information

Analyze causes of violence, including:  presence of alcohol or other drugs and the presence of weapons.

Student demonstrates an understanding causes of violence through data collection, analysis and statistical representation.

Using the "Violent Acts" page in the "Violence In The News" worksheet as a guide, define and discuss the various forms of violence. Distribute the "Violence in the News" to students. Show a local news video to the class. Instruct students to tally each act of violence they see in the appropriate box and count the total tallies.

Distribute copies of the first section of a major newspaper (dates can differ). Instruct students to scan the articles, tally the number of violent acts that are mentioned, and total the tallies. Instruct students to report their totals to the class. Average the numbers for each category. Using this data, ask the class to graph the survey results on pie or bar graphs.

Discuss the results:
• Is violence depicted more in television news or written news? 
• Which type of violent act is most commonly reported?
• Why might totals differ when more than one person is viewing the same newscast?
• Were drugs involved in any of the violent acts?
• Were weapons involved in any of the violent acts?
• What were some of the conflicts that were mentioned and how might they have been peacefully resolved?

• Video of local news broadcast (15-minute segment, excluding weather, sports, and commercials)
• Television
• Newspapers (ask for donations of first sections only, one per student)  
• "Violence in the News" worksheet

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