Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.

Whiskers Says No

Identify and practice effective communication skills and strategies to resist negative influences.

Student demonstrates the ability to read and comprehend the written role play and to say "no" effectively in enacting the role play.

Before the class, photocopy and cut to separate the role plays that are listed on the "Role Plays" sheet. Read the story, "Whiskers Says No to Drugs" and discuss. List ways we can resist and take charge of a situation on the board and demonstrate with a volunteer: using respectful humor; repeating "no" calmly ; suggesting something else; telling the person how the situation makes you feel; saying how being pressured makes you feel; telling the person what you value in a friend; walking away; staying calm and silent; using body language such as shaking your head "no," holding up a hand or hands; going for help; telling an adult; etc.) Form dyads. Hand each team a role play strip. Direct the teams to read their role plays and choose who will practice saying "no" first. Remind the students to refer to the list written on the board. Also remind them that not all ways of refusal are appropriate or effective in all situations. Allow two minutes, observing the teams. Direct the teams to swap roles, so the other person can practice saying "no." Move about the room, suggesting ways students can improve their refusal/resistance approaches. Watch as they practice to be sure they understand. After all the pairs have practiced, ask for volunteers to demonstrate their role plays for the class. Involve the class in labeling the ways that are demonstrated. Refer to the list. Involve the class in suggesting changes or improvements in the role plays, reminding them to be respectful and supportive to those who were willing to share their ideas with the class.

Role Play sheet.

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