Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.


2014 Red Ribbon Planning Guide


The Red Ribbon Planning Guide has great information about this year's campaign message, ideas for celebrating Red Ribbon in your community, media templates and more. Download the Red Ribbon Planning Guide here.

Red Ribbon Campaign Logo


Download the Red Ribbon Campaign Logo here.

The 2014 Red Ribbon Theme Logo


This year's theme logo can be downloaded here.

*Please Note: You are welcome and encouraged to use this year's theme logo: Love Yourself. Be Drug Free.TM to promote the Red Ribbon Campaign. It is for your use in communications and promotional materials and publications. If you are interested in reproducing Red Ribbon merchandise, please contact the National Family Partnership at for information on how you can acquire licensing. However, we are currently under an exclusive licesning agreement for theme materials with Nimco, Inc.

2014 Red Ribbon Fact Sheet

Want to know the basics about Red Ribbon Week and this year's theme? Download the 2014 Red Ribbon Fact Sheet here.

2014 Red Ribbon Youth Pledge

Download and print these youth pledges to use with your children at home, at school and as part of extracurricular activities. Download the 2014 Red Ribbon Youth Pledge here.

2014 Red Ribbon Adult/Parent Pledge

Download and print these adult/parent pledges to use with parents in your school or community. Download the 2014 Red Ribbon Adult/Parent Pledge here.

Help Combat Prescription Drug Abuse

Want to do more in your community? Learn how the National Family Partnership and the Lock Your Meds Campaign can help you combat prescription drug abuse and bring awareness to the families in your state. Visit

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