Children of parents who talk to their teens regularly about drugs are 42% less likely to use drugs than those who don't, yet only a quarter of teens report having these conversations.

Kansas Middle School Wins Red Ribbon Star™ Video Contest

Congratulations to Doniphan West Middle School, in Denton, Kansas for receiving the most votes and winning the Red Ribbon Star™ Video Contest! The school will receive a Nikon digital camera and $100 in Red Ribbon merchandise from NIMCO, Inc., the official provider of Red Ribbon Week® Merchandise.

“I am so proud of the kids and teachers at our school. Red Ribbon Week® at our school is really a student led effort – and this year our students worked really hard and organized lots of activities,” said Kristy Ellis, Principal of Doniphan West Middle. “Red Ribbon is important because kids in middle and high school have a lot of peer pressure – and it reminds them to make smart choices.”

Rachel Gibson, the school’s Red Ribbon Sponsor, said she heard about the contest through the Kansas Family Partnership, one of National Family Partnership’s Statewide Affiliates. Students on Doniphan West’s Red Ribbon Committee attend a Red Ribbon training sponsored by the Kansas Family Partnership every year in April. Gibson and her students spread the word about the Red Ribbon Star™ contest to parents, friends and family via email, Facebook and the school’s website. 

"Doniphan West, located in Denton, Kansas on the Northeastern side of the state serves students from seven neighboring towns. Each grade is made up of approximately 30 students. “We were surprised to win because we are in such a small community,” says Gibson. “We thought larger communities would be able to get more votes. We are so excited to win!” Hailey, a seventh grader at Doniphan West says she’s been involved with planning Red Ribbon Week® at the school for the last two years. “This year we went to other schools and around town to decorate during Red Ribbon Week®,” says Hailey, who is part of the Student Council. So what will they do with the camera? “We are going to use the video camera to take video of more events to let people know about what we do for Red Ribbon Week®,” says Kenzie, an eighth grader at Doniphan West.

“Kansas Family Partnership congratulates Rachel Gibson and her students for winning the Red Ribbon Star Video contest," says Michele Voth, Executive Director of the Kansas Family Partnership. "Their 2011 Red Ribbon activities also won them a Level 1 Award at KFP’s Annual Red Ribbon Recognition Awards Luncheon. Doniphan West Middle School students are a great example of what is right with our youth in Kansas!"

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